Services for Entrepreneurs

Strategic Plans


'I'm just trying to get on the shelf. Do I really need a strategic plan?'   Yes. Some growth opportunities can destroy a business. Without a strategic plan, you will not have the discipline to say 'no' to the wrong retailers and distributors approaching you at the wrong time. I work with entrepreneurs to craft a feasible, scenario-based strategic growth plan that they can deploy in order to meet their financial goals. 

No cookie cutters allowed. Always customized.

Innovation Strategy


How can I add UPCs to grow my brand? How far from the original category should I go? Should I be adding UPCs at all?    I offer 15 years of experience evaluating innovation-led potential for food and beverage brands as well as surfacing the optimal incremental products for brands to launch in order to achieve growth. 

Strategy. Concepts. Incremental Growth.

Marketing Strategy


My brand's velocities are not impressing retailers. Someone launched a knockoff of our product. Sales are flat, but distribution is holding. What should I do?    These are the classic signs that you need enhanced marketing. I will analyze your offering, category competition and your current marketing efforts before creating a holistic trade/consumer approach to reaching consumers most likely to try your product and love it.

Right audience. Right message.  Right vehicles.

Turn-Around Strategies


Did your brand once grow well and then stall or begin to decline?   I want to help turn things around. This is like medicine. It involves diagnosing the patient: your brand. And I take it as seriously as if it were my own.

FoodLaunch Workshops


Are you a brand new or prospective entrepreneur in the food and beverage world?   Starting in 2018, I'll be offering prospective and 'new' entrepreneurs (less than $1M in sales) one day interactive workshops on designing and launching your own food or beverage product.  You come with a prospective category or a product you already have. Out you go with a refined concept and a plan to grow it. Hosted in the Seattle area. Contact me if you want to get in early!

Best Practices Session

food startups best practices strategy

What actions have the fastest growing brands taken to achieve their success? What are the top mistakes food/bev entrepreneurs need to avoid? What are the metrics/KPIs I should use to measure the health of my business? How do I tell the story of my business to attract angel and VC investments?

I offer a unique immersion into best practices based on years of in-depth data-science/market analytics of the natural/organic space.This is market understanding only available to the large CPG firms...until now.

3 Hours. Online or In-Person. Shorten the Learning Curve