About Me

Premium Consumer Expertise

For years, I conducted anthropological and quantitative research into the category-specific motivations for trading up to premium food and beverage brands. There is no 1 reason consumers enter this space. It is all about category trends and drivers. Know those, and you have the levers to achieve above average growth.

Premium Growth Expertise

I keep up to date on major and minor developments in the food and retail sectors, so you don't have to. I also understand the variables that separate the fast growers from the slow growers among food start ups.  Category context is the most overlooked variable. I know how to deconstruct category growth, relevant consumer trends and apply them to your business.

Professional Consulting Acumen

While getting on the shelf is obviously critical to a brand's survival, it is important not to over-estimate the power of specific go-to-market variables like sales at the expense of others. My professional consulting experience has taught me never to prioritize any one marketing lever as dogma. I will evaluate your business holistically against all 4 Ps.